Be developed with Red Classic!

The company is a pioneer, reimagining the transportation world for the benefit of shippers, carriers, and every member of the Team. Red Classic continuously invests in the advancement of its employees and their professional development, offering a wide variety of training courses. Red Classic teammates are passionate about serving their communities and are active in the company’s stewardship program. In a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, everyone at Red Classic is dedicated to moving forward and growing, together. Whether you join the Red Crew as a safety manager, customer service representative or pricing analyst, you get the tools you need to drive your career.

Safety: is our number one priority. We want to make sure all members of our team return home in the same condition they left that morning - safe.

Family: We’ve cultivated a company culture that encourages work- life balance because we know family time is important.

Community: Our employees make an impact in their communities through our stewardship program, supporting the causes that matter most to them.

We hire in the following functional areas:

  • Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Transportation Operations
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT

Red Classic Transit is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) – race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity.

Enjoy career satisfaction and find opportunities to fill up your potential. Apply today!