Post Date - Oct 22, 2021

It doesn’t take long to gather that truck drivers are very particular about the trucks they drive. It’s no wonder - you spend a lot of time in and around your truck. It’s your home away from home, so it’s important to like the rig you’re driving. Check our list of the top truck brands to see what’s most popular and what makes them unique.


Freightliner is probably the most well-known truck brand around. They’re built to maximize profitability with fuel efficiency, safety, connectivity and quality in mind. One reason why a lot of drivers like Freightliner is because you can get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to owning one. Not only are they aerodynamically efficient, reducing your fuel costs, but they’re also generally less expensive to purchase than other brands. Freightliner’s Cascadia truck is their bestseller due to its aerodynamic design and noise reduction in the cab.


Although less common in the U.S., Volvo trucks are the second top brand worldwide. The company prides itself on its lineup of fuel efficient trucks and reliability. Volvos also have a great reputation for their high safety rating. Their VNL 760 is their most popular model with roomy sleepers, state-of-the-art LED lighting for improved visibility, and Active Driver Assist technology.


Kenworth trucks have risen in popularity because of how well they’re made. While they’re narrower than some other brands on the market, you probably won’t notice a difference in space in the interior. What you may notice, however, are the better sight lines, which make Kenworths easier to maneuver. Kenworth has a great reputation among drivers because of its lower upfront and operating costs compared to other brands. They also get extra points in our book for having great customer service and a large dealership network, which makes it easier to get in for repairs and back on the road. The long nose Kenworth W900 is a favorite for truckers because of its orthopedically-designed seating, custom options for power and versatility, and virtually corrosion-roof cab.


Mack trucks are known for their power and reliability. Their engines are designed to work hard. Many drivers love Mack trucks for their reliability, thicker frame and better rear driving axles that can hold up to heavier loads. While they certainly won’t be the least expensive truck out there, Macks are made to do their job well in the harshest of conditions and they hold their resale value very well. The company’s Pinnacle model is a total workhorse and has proven to be reliable and durable in even the toughest conditions. Features include a forward axles position, low center of gravity for extra stability and a frame designed to support heavy loads on challenging terrain.


Made by the same company that owns Kenworth, PACCAR, Peterbilt trucks are made to be noticed on the road. This brand offers the most alternative fuel options and their aluminum bodies mean less weight and better fuel efficiency. Truckers who have Peterbilts say they’re high quality and require fewer repairs, sturdy and well-insulated, have great customer service and financing, and they look great on the road. Peterbilt’s 389 truck is one of the most popular models around. It features advanced engine technology that can save up to 4% in fuel economy, spacious cab with great storage, air disc brakes for better stopping power, and a new, bold digital display.

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