Driver orientation at Red Classic

Post Date - Nov 18, 2022

Red Classic is all about setting our drivers up for success – and that starts at our three-day driver orientation. Here’s a rundown of what to bring and what to expect when you start the journey as a Red Classic CDL-A driver.

Things to bring

  • CDL and Med Card
  • I-9 Documents (CDL w/social security card and passport; CDL w/birth certificate and work authorization card)
  • Banking information
  • Money for any outside expenses
  • Medications
  • 3-4 days’ worth of clothing. Items, including hats, representing other beverage companies are not permitted.
  • Closed toe shoes

If you’re a driver traveling in for the orientation, we’ll have accommodations for you at a hotel that provides both breakfast and dinner. We’ll provide lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

What to expect

Once you arrive at Red Classic, we’ll jump right into our orientation. We want you to be ready to see success as a certified Red Classic driver as soon as possible. On Day 1 you will be given a road test to assess your on-the-road skillset. We like to get this done first thing so that we can focus on other information for the rest of the three-day period.

We don’t want to waste any of your valuable time so, while you wait for your turn to showcase your skills behind the wheel, you’ll complete your new hire paperwork. This includes your I-9 and direct deposit information – bringing the necessary documents mentioned above is vital to completing this part of the orientation process!

Once everyone has done their road test and all the new hire paperwork is completed, the classroom portion of orientation begins. We’ll spend time learning about the basics of being a Red Classic CDL-A driver and the opportunities for growth that our drivers have access to when they partner with us.

A quick tip: While you’re here, make sure to get plenty of rest. We go over a lot in three days to get you on the road ready as quickly as possible!

Now that you know what to expect, check out our openings for amazing driving positions at! We hope to see you in a Red Classic driver orientation soon!