Post Date - Feb 28, 2022

CDL-A drivers have to be hands-on for many aspects of their work but when it comes to handling the freight, most know that is where the job can get time-consuming and tiring. That’s why having 100% no touch freight on our regional and dedicated positions is a key advantage at Red Classic. So why is it such a big thing? We’re glad you asked!

What Is No-touch Freight anyway?
It might seem self-explanatory but no-touch freight really means the driver pulls in and someone else loads and unloads the truck. You may hear some companies refer to 99% no-touch freight, which usually means there is a small number of loads where freight needs to be rearranged by the driver or requires the driver’s help. Red Classic’s local truck driving jobs are 80% no-touch but for our regional and dedicated positions, our freight is 100% no-touch so our drivers focus on their main job: Getting Red Classic freight from point A to point B safely and reliably.

Taking care of you
Speaking of safety, moving and lifting freight can be taxing on your body, especially for someone who just spent a few hours sitting in a truck. After driving a longer, non-local route, you’re ready to rest – not unload or load freight.

Take a breather
By letting the shipper or receiver load and unload the freight, Red Classic regional and dedicated drivers have a chance to rest for a bit. Depending on the shipper or receiver, it could take anywhere from a half hour to a few hours to unload or load the truck. While that is going on, Red Classic drivers can catch a short nap, check-in with their dispatcher or connect with friends or family.

So much more to offer
Having safe, no-touch freight on our regional and dedicated runs is just one advantage of driving careers at Red Classic. As a dedicated carrier and wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc., our heritage extends over 100 years as we’ve grown to become the largest beverage hauler in North America. That means stable career opportunities with high earnings and outstanding benefits.

If you have a valid CDL-A and have at least 12 months of safe, verifiable tractor/trailer experience within the last 24 months, we can get you started on one of our excellent opportunities at Red Classic. Connect with us today to learn where you can fit on our team!