Raising breast cancer awareness “One Pink Bow at a Time!”

Post Date - Oct 24, 2022

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of breast cancer screening and support, encouraging care for survivors, and collecting funds for preventative research. The Pink Bow Campaign is an organization committed to promoting breast cancer awareness and funding research year-round, but especially during October. Red Classic is a proud supporter of the campaign and its goals.

The Pink Bow Campaign began in 2007 in a Charlotte, North Carolina, neighborhood as a mission from the heart. Those are just the sort of missions Red Classic aims to support. Created by Charlotte resident Robin Saddler, the campaign encourages support for women battling breast cancer and collects donations for research.

In October 2007, Saddler noticed women in her neighborhood pinning pink bows to their mailboxes in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They were hand cut from pink tulle and then pinned, again by hand, into the shape of bows. Saddler was inspired by both the women’s dedication to the cause and her own mother’s breast cancer story, so she joined their mission.

Their inaugural year saw a total of $500 in donations, as well as expansion into nearby neighborhoods and businesses. Saddler followed alongside the mission, moving into its leadership positions as it grew. She remained faithful to the campaign even when her official position was dissolved. As of 2022, she has developed the homegrown campaign into a flourishing nonprofit business that in 2021 raised $30,000 in donations to Charlotte’s Susan G. Komen’s organization.

Red Classic is honored to be a Pink Diamond sponsor of the Pink Bow Campaign. This October, we had 500 trucks with pink bows on them to help spread breast cancer awareness. We want to encourage you to celebrate breast cancer survivors and support others in their battle both during October and the rest of the year.

Let’s make an impact, “one pink bow at a time!”