New Vacation Policy

Post Date - Dec 30, 2022

Red Classic is a carrier that prides itself on listening to our team members and being adaptable enough to make changes when they’re necessary. Earlier this year we conducted a Pulse Survey as well as several Share A Coke and Conversation meetings to get your feedback on our vacation policy. A common piece of feedback was increased paid time off so that you can better care for your physical and mental health. This valuable input is the driving force behind the newest change to our company-wide vacation policy, effective January 1, 2023.

We know that you might have questions about how the paid time off plan is evolving and what to expect, so we’ve compiled all the need-to-know info. The policy is available in full at myCareer/myPolicies. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re excited to implement this change and better serve you!

The updated vacation policy will affect full-time, non-union, non-exempt, and exempt teammates. This means that teammates who have been with Red Classic for two to four years will receive 3 weeks, or 15 days, of vacation time! If you started with Red Classic in 2021, you’ll be eligible for this extra week on January 1, 2023. Take this time to rest your mind and body – after all your hard work, it’s what you deserve.

If you haven’t yet hit two years with us, you’ll be eligible for this extra week as soon as you reach that milestone. The longer you stick with Red Classic, the more benefits in paid time off you’ll enjoy! Our updated policy also provides teammates with 5 or more years of service the ability to take a total of 4 weeks, or 20 days, off work.

For our teammates with 15 or more years of service, you’ll receive 5 weeks, or 25 days, of vacation time with our updated policy. We’re honored to have partnered with you over the years and want to give you all the time you need to best care for yourself!

If you’re just beginning your career with Red Classic, you’ll still benefit from our updated policy! Teammates with one year if service are eligible for 2 weeks, or 10 days, of vacation time. You’re also eligible for pro-rated vacation time based on the time of the year you were hired. For a detailed look at these rates, you can navigate to the detailed policy at myCareer/myPolicies. And just a reminder that on January 1 of the year of your 2nd work anniversary, you’ll receive that additional week of paid time off!

If you’re looking for a carrier that truly listens and makes changes, Red Classic is the carrier to choose. Connect with us today to learn more about our driving opportunities!